We create, design, and deliver engaging and interactive experiences.
Most importantly, we have fun.

Meetings, conferences and live events should be fun, interactive and engaging. They should definitely be memorable. The status quo is boring. That’s why it’s called the status quo.

Turn Ideas
into Action

At Plexus, our core value is to take everything you know about event creative, production and execution and destroy the status quo.

In corporate speak, Plexus is a full-service event management and production company specializing in creative development and corporate communications.

In human speak, we do fun stuff all over the world. Our philosophy is simple… Turn Ideas into Action!

The Quo

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Creativity. It’s a unique perspective inspired by a momentary spark. Each of us has the creative “muscle.” We exercise ours regularly and vigorously. We do it with our diverse team of professional creatives who add their unique skill set, life experience, and trained perspective to the mix. The result? An event experience an attendee could never have imagined and will certainly never forget.



Communication, messaging, and the exchange of information. It’s simple, but it’s not easy. Especially with today’s information overload. We know that the power of a good story, well told, is that it’s not just heard, it’s remembered. And most important, acted upon. Whether we utilize the latest breathtaking technology or the oldest story-telling technique, we guarantee one thing. Your message will always get through.



We carefully craft each event from the ground up. Designing, creating and building your vision, filled with countless meticulously and carefully combined elements. The goal? To leave a monument to the mind. A lasting memory of an experiential journey that is remembered long after it was enjoyed. To the attendee, it’s the perfectly created showcase, a home away from home to do their best work and grow their success.